Staff Spotlight

Dave Lewis – Fire Protection Group, Lenexa, KS


Dave Lewis has come a long way since he attended his first school which had two rooms and outside plumbing. Since then he has been working to improve the lives of others through his career in fire and life safety. Having been in the industry for 32 years and at GBA for 12 of them, he has made quite an impact in making communities safer.


What makes GBA special to you?

Dave LewisThe people at GBA genuinely care. Our team mates, which includes both coworkers and clients, become friends rather than just people we interact with at work.


Most recent achievement?

Celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!


Your passion?

My passion is working to provide safe places for people to work, play, and live. Working as a Fire Protection and Life Safety engineer is the perfect place for me to do that!


In what other ways are you involved?

Many consulting engineers spend most of their time doing design. I also do commissioning of fire and life safety systems. The goal of commissioning is to ensure that systems work as they are intended to, and involves a lot of “hands on” field work, testing systems in the field, in many different types of buildings. This allows me the opportunity to fully understand the capabilities of different types of systems, makes me a better designer, and allows me to work with interesting people all over the U.S.


And in your spare time?

I enjoy bicycling and brewing my own beer. During warm months, I am able to bike to work two or three days per week. During colder months, I enjoy brewing, with my best efforts being wheat and steam beer


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