Staff Spotlight

Harland Russell – Civil/Site Group
As a Senior Civil Engineering Technician, Harland’s commitment to helping others is not only seen at work but also in his community. He takes pride in a job well done.


What makes GBA special to you?
Harland RussellI have worked here nearly 25 years; I think that the people make it special. There are a lot of folks that can do this type of work, but what makes us different is the character and ethics this company is built upon. George Butler is an exceptional man and his values are reflected in the firm to this day.


Most recent achievement?
We just finished design of an expansion project at the Leavenworth National Cemetery. It is a project filled with tremendous satisfaction in serving those who have served our Country. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and character of the folks we worked alongside at the National Cemetery Administration.


Your passion?
Serving others and developing relationships. 


In what other ways are you involved?
I served on the Lansing City Council for 16 years and have always looked for ways to be involved in my community. My wife and I currently volunteer time to the Lansing High School Band Booster program. In addition, we host a church small group in our home, I lead young men in a high school youth group, and also serve on our church’s leadership team.


And in your spare time?
What is spare time? We just started a complete remodel of the kitchen in our home!


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