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Higginsville, Missouri Sanitary Sewer Improvements


“Working with GBA on this project was a pleasure. From the beginning design phase to completion of the $4.9 million sewer project every detail was addressed.  It was very comforting to know that GBA always put the best interest of the City of Higginsville first, that is when you know that you are well represented. GBA was a great team to work with lead by Waldo Margheim.” – Jim Urfer, Superintendent Water & Wastewater

“The City of Higginsville recently completed a very important $4.9 million sewer system improvements project engineered and overseen by GBA. The project greatly reduced our lagoon flows and has almost eliminated any backup problems we previously encountered during a rainy season. The project went extremely smooth and working with GBA and project manager, Waldo Margheim was top notch.” – Lee Barker, City Administrator

HigginsvilleAfter 18 months, construction was completed in December 2011 on the replacement of over five miles of sanitary sewer interceptors serving the two wastewater treatment lagoons located to the north and south of the City of Higginsville. The City initiated the improvements following a special bond election in June of 2009, when voters overwhelmingly approved the issuance of $4.9 million of revenue bonds for wastewater system improvements.

The project was a continuation of the City’s Sanitary Sewer Improvement Plan approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in 1996. Replacement of the 8-inch to 18-inch diameter sewer interceptors installed in the 1950s was done to reduce sewer overflows and provide capacity for future growth, and reduce demands on the treatment lagoons. Several damaged sewers and sewers with excessive I&I in the City were also rehabilitated via open cut excavation point repairs and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining.

Key personnel from GBA included Waldo Margheim, George Downs, Jim Doleshal, and Doug Martin. The services provided include permitting and funding assistance, surveying, easement preparation, design, and bid and construction phase services.  The Contract Documents were prepared as required for consideration of ARRA and SRF funding.  Thus, GBA assisted with conducting the necessary public hearings, preparing the environmental information document, and incorporating ARRA and SRF funding requirements into the Contract Specifications. 
The capacity upgrades were designed to minimize property owner and environmental disruption and utilize existing structural supports at existing stream crossings.  The replacement sewer was installed in varied conditions, including farm fields, tight residential areas, under a state highway, and next to the fire station.  In addition to the installation of a 48” diameter steel casing pipe by dry boring and jacking under Business 13 Highway, the design included installation, removal and replacement of approximately:

• 100 4-foot to 6-foot diameter precast manholes
• 20,000 feet of 8-inch to 30-inch diameter PVC pipe
• 6,700 feet of 18-inch to 30-inch diameter ductile iron pipe


The rehabilitation phase of the project included the installation of approximately:

• 350 feet of 8-inch diameter point repairs
• 5,500 feet of 8-inch cured-in-place pipe lining
• 350 feet of 12-inch cured-in-place pipe lining


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