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Update on K-7 & I-70 in Wyandotte County, KS


Commuters traveling along I-70/Kansas Turnpike near Kansas Highway 7 are beginning to see orange. Orange barrels, that is. The Kansas Department of Transportation began construction on the multi-phase interchange project in 2013 with completion of one of the phases estimated for spring 2014. The interchange encompasses a large area that spans from just north of the K-7 and 130th Street intersection to just south of the K-7 and Kansas Avenue intersection and includes the interchange at K-7 and I-70 in Bonner Springs, KS.

The existing K-7 and I-70 Interchange was designed decades ago to serve as a toll plaza for the Kansas Turnpike Authority. As such, very high turning movements were created at the intersection of K-7 and Canaan Center Drive. Currently, thousands of residents, businesses and commuters from Bonner Springs and other Kansas City Metro communities use the interchange daily and future traffic is expected to triple by 2030.

The interchange configuration is a result of close collaboration with surrounding communities, in accordance with a memorandum of understanding between KDOT and communities along the K-7 corridor that promotes safety, mobility and economic development.

KDOT Road Design Leader, Aaron Frits, is excited to see the project finally being constructed. “For many, many years we have been talking about the improvements we need to make to this interchange, particularly the need to alleviate congestion at K-7 and Canaan Center Drive and the I-70 ramps. I am very excited to say that the time has finally come, where we aren’t just talking about it, we are actually building these improvements.”

The project was divided into ten phases with Phases 1 through 3 funded at this time. The preliminary design of the interchange began in 2007 and will be completed in 2015. Construction on the three funded phases is planned to be completed by fall 2016. GBA was responsible for surveying, bridge design, roadway design, traffic engineering and ITS design. The phases include 1, 2A, 2B, and 3 and consist of the following improvements:

• Phase 2A: Replace existing Riverview Avenue Bridge over I-70. Construction began in 2013 and will be finished in spring 2014.

• Phase 1: Construction of the west half of the interchange by adding the southwest and northwest loop ramps. Commenced in summer of 2013 and will conclude near the end of 2014.

• Phase 2B: A new bridge that will route 118th Street over I-70. Anticipated to begin construction in spring 2014 and end the following spring.

• Phase 3: Shift I-70 to the south and widen it to six lanes between K-7 and 110th Street. Construction scheduled to begin in spring 2015 and conclude in fall 2016.

Orange barrels will be a common site for a few years along the interchange, but it will ultimately be a safer, less congested area that allows increasing traffic to flow and access business directly from the Turnpike.


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