TCC Electrical & Fire Alarm Replacement at the Tipton Correctional Center


TCC ElectricalThe Tipton Correctional Center was faced with an aging electrical and fi re alarm system that needed to be replaced. The state of Missouri selected GBA to provide professional engineering design services for replacement of the secondary electrical distribution systems and of the facility-wide fi re alarm networked systems.


The facility consists of two distinct areas, a “new” area, constructed in 1996, and an “old” section which includes buildings dating back to the original facility construction in 1897. GBA provided preliminary and final design for the replacement of the facility-wide fire alarm system and replacement of the secondary electrical distribution system in the “old section.”


Electrical system replacement included complete replacement and rewiring of the secondary electrical system from main service through branch circuitry throughout the five buildings in the old section plus installation of fiber optic cabling for telecom connectivity between select buildings in the old section. Providing emergency power from the central, remote engine-generator, and removal of an existing aging and unreliable local engine-generator, related equipment, and systems was also included. The electrical system replacement was scheduled and phased to allow for replacement without disruption to normal operations of this continuously occupied and functioning correctional center.


Because of the age of the existing fi re alarm system and no longer being supported by the manufacturer for replacement parts, all fi re alarm devices, panels, and wiring throughout the facility were replaced. The new system consists of 16 individual protected premises fire alarm control panels with one located in each of the buildings. The panels are networked together on the existing building fiber optic cable connections for reporting to the on-site proprietary supervising station. The fi re alarm systems monitor smoke detection, automatic sprinkler systems, fire pump controllers, kitchen hood suppression systems, and integrated carbon monoxide gas detection systems in the housing units. The project also included updating all of the occupant notification devices to meet current code requirements.


GBA Project Manager Bryan Rasmussen said the project was successful, “We worked well with the contractor, Kaiser Electric, and the State of Missouri Office of Administration and Facility Management Design & Construction. We completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget, which is a sign of a great team.”